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What is the UAE Blue Residency Visa?

In Dubai, on May 15, the UAE Cabinet greenlit a novel long-term residency permit dubbed the ‘Blue Residency’, designed for individuals who have demonstrated notable contributions in environmental endeavors. This innovative visa underscores the UAE’s commitment to bolstering climate action and intensifying environmental conservation endeavors nationwide. It introduces a fresh avenue for long-term residency for those desiring to settle in the United Arab Emirates.

Announced on Wednesday, May 15, by the UAE government subsequent to a cabinet session, the blue visa promises a decade-long residency for individuals who have exhibited exceptional dedication to environmental preservation.

But what exactly qualifies an individual for this visa?

The blue visa, introduced as part of the UAE’s concerted efforts towards sustainability, aligns with the nation’s overarching objectives of fostering a more environmentally sustainable landscape. It seeks to amplify and sustain the UAE’s strides towards environmental sustainability.

So, how can one secure the UAE’s 10-year blue residency visa?

This special visa will be awarded to advocates of environmental causes within the UAE and those who have significantly contributed to environmental safeguarding. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, specifically highlighted areas such as marine conservation, land-based ecosystems, air quality improvement, and the advancement of sustainability technologies.

Candidates eligible for the blue visa are expected to possess expertise in various fields including environmental sciences, marine biology, and climate action.

Eligible applicants for the blue visa encompass:

  • Supporters of environmental initiatives both within and outside the UAE.
  • Members of international organizations and multinational corporations contributing positively to environmental welfare.
  • Individuals associated with associations and non-governmental organizations fostering environmental well-being.
  • Recipients of global accolades in the environmental realm.
  • Esteemed activists and scholars engaged in environmental advocacy, whether Emirati nationals or conscientious residents championing environmental causes.

What occupations could lead to eligibility for the blue visa?

Roles within the environmental governance sector dedicated to formulating policies conducive to environmental protection.
Professionals spearheading initiatives to integrate sustainable practices into various industries.
Occupations related to the conservation of marine life and the restoration of marine ecosystems, encompassing research and monitoring endeavors.
Roles specifically focused on advancing global climate objectives, such as initiatives aimed at curbing carbon emissions.

How does one apply for the blue visa?

If you believe you meet the criteria outlined above, you can apply directly for the blue visa through the services provided by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security. Additionally, competent authorities within the state can nominate and endorse individuals for this esteemed residency permit.

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