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The Inaugural Off-Road Solar SUV: 620-Mile Journey Without Charging

Hey there! I’ve got an interesting piece of news for you. Imagine a car, they’re calling it the “world’s first off-road solar-powered vehicle,” recently completed a remarkable 1000km test drive in Morocco and the Sahara. This impressive two-seater is named Stella Terra and was crafted by students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. It proved its mettle by conquering a range of terrains during this journey. Quite the feat, don’t you think?

This khaki-green SUV is quite the innovation! It’s got solar panels up on its roof, and they do something incredible – they charge the electric battery. That means it can go on long journeys powered entirely by solar energy. And hey, it’s got some pep, with a top speed of 145kph. It’s not too heavy either, just 1200kg, and on a sunny day, it can cruise for a minimum of 710km. Impressive, right?

This feature really shines when it comes to bridging the gap in remote places with underdeveloped roads and unstable power systems.

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