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Google News Inaccessible to Millions

On Friday, Google News experienced a major outage, leaving users around the world unable to access the latest updates and perform search queries.

People using desktop computers, iPhones, and Android smartphones noticed that the “News” tab wasn’t working correctly. Many also reported issues with Google Search functionality. The problems started earlier in the day, causing widespread frustration as the news section and the “filter” option remained unresponsive globally.

So far, Google has not released any official statement explaining the cause of the outage or provided a timeline for when the issues might be fixed. This silence has left users in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, and many parts of Europe wondering when normal service will resume.

In addition to the News tab, Google Discover, which typically shows trending and personalized news stories, was also affected. Users reported seeing only cached older content, further limiting their access to current information.

This outage highlights just how dependent millions of people are on Google services for timely news and information, and underscores the significant impact such disruptions can have on global access to information and communication.

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