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Dubai Plans Construction of Tiger Sky Tower

Dubai is gearing up to construct the world’s tallest residential building, the Tiger Sky Tower, right next to the iconic Burj Khalifa. This ambitious project, spearheaded by UAE-based Tiger Properties, is estimated to cost a staggering $1 billion.

Standing at an awe-inspiring 532 meters with 122 floors, the Tiger Sky Tower will feature the world’s highest penthouse, perched 427 meters above the ground.

The tower promises more than just luxurious living spaces. It will boast a range of top-tier amenities, including the highest adventure park ever, an infinity pool, and a restaurant with breathtaking views. Residents will also enjoy access to a basketball court, a lounge with palm trees, a cigar lounge, a children’s play area, a gym, various retail shops, a spa, and the tallest indoor rainforest within a residential building.

Eng Waleed Mohammed AlZoubi, the CEO of Tiger Properties, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing the company’s admiration for Dubai and its commitment to innovation and sustainability. He highlighted how the Tiger Sky Tower will push the boundaries of construction and design.

This remarkable development is set to elevate Dubai’s reputation for architectural brilliance and luxurious living. The Tiger Sky Tower will not only provide stunning vistas and exclusive amenities but will also set new benchmarks in residential construction. Its unique features are designed to offer an exceptional lifestyle experience, further cementing Dubai’s status as a global leader in luxury and innovation.

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