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China Takes the Crown as the Globe’s Largest Owner of Ships

You know, something really interesting happened recently in the maritime world. China, believe it or not, has surpassed Greece and now holds the top spot as the biggest ship-owning country in terms of how heavy all those ships are combined. This piece of news came straight from the folks at the China Shipowners’ Association based in Shanghai, and they shared it with the world over the weekend. Quite a remarkable shift, isn’t it?

You won’t believe what I found out! According to some info I came across, there’s this company called Clarksons Research in the UK, and they’re like the bigshots when it comes to gathering data for the global shipping scene. The scoop is that Chinese shipowners, get this, they’ve hit a whopping 249.2 million GT in their fleet. That’s like a slice of the whole global ship pie, about 15.9%, and the total value of all those ships is around a staggering $180 billion.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. Greece, known for its maritime prowess, isn’t at the top spot anymore. Their ship fleet is at 249 million GT, which is just a tad less than China’s, and their global market share is about 15.8%. But wait, there’s more. The total value of Greece’s fleet is estimated to be around $163 billion, which is still huge, no doubt.

Japan comes in at third place with a fleet weighing in at 181 million GT. They’re followed by South Korea and the United States, and both of them are cruising along at roughly 66 million GT. It’s like a race of the giants in the shipping world!

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