Pakistan Squad for Asia Cup 2023

The upcoming Asia Cup 2023, hosted by Pakistan, is a highly anticipated cricket tournament that will captivate fans across Asia. It will feature an exciting competition between six teams: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Scheduled to commence on September 2 and conclude on September 17, Asia Cup 2023 will deviate from the previous edition by adopting a 50-over format. This adjustment aims to provide the participating teams with valuable preparation for the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup in October.

Having emerged victorious in the previous season by defeating Pakistan in a thrilling final, Sri Lanka currently holds the title as the defending champions of the tournament. However, as the host nation for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023, Pakistan is determined to secure the trophy this time around, boasting a formidable team. Let’s now take a look at the anticipated squad for Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023.

Pakistan Squad for Asia Cup [Asia Cup 2023]

Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman [The Openers]

Asia Cup 2023

Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul-Haq are highly likely to secure their positions in Pakistan’s formidable lineup for the much-anticipated Asia Cup 2023. These two exceptionally skilled batsmen have consistently left a lasting impression, particularly during the recent ODI series against New Zealand.

In 2023, Fakhar Zaman’s batting prowess has been on full display, amassing an impressive total of 823 runs in 17 matches, maintaining an outstanding average of 51.43. Notably, he has showcased his ability to convert starts into substantial scores, boasting an impressive tally of four centuries and two half-centuries. His explosive stroke play and unwavering determination make him a formidable asset for the Pakistani team.

Equally deserving of recognition is Imam-ul-Haq, whose consistent performances have instilled pride in Pakistan. Throughout the year, he has demonstrated a rare combination of elegance and reliability, accumulating a noteworthy 696 runs in 13 ODIs at an impressive average of 58.0. With two centuries and six half-centuries, Imam-ul-Haq has proven his ability to construct vital innings and provide stability at the top order.

With their recent exhibitions of batting brilliance, Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul-Haq are poised to play pivotal roles in Pakistan’s quest for glory in the Asia Cup 2023. Their ability to seize crucial moments and deliver match-winning performances makes them indispensable assets to the team’s aspirations in the upcoming tournament.

Babar Azam, Khushdil Shah, Iftikhar Ahmad and Agha Salman [MO Batsmen]

Asia Cup 2023

Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, will continue to lead the side in the upcoming Asia Cup 2023. Besides his leadership responsibilities, Babar Azam will play a vital role as a middle-order batsman, holding the crucial one-down position. This immensely talented right-handed batsman has been in phenomenal form during the year 2023. He has amassed an astonishing 1104 runs in 17 ODIs, comprising an impressive tally of four centuries and nine half-centuries.

Supporting Babar Azam in the middle-order for Pakistan’s squad in the Asia Cup 2023 are Khushdil Shah, Iftikhar Ahmed, and Agha Salman. Khushdil Shah has exhibited his batting prowess by accumulating 166 runs in seven ODIs this year, showcasing his ability to contribute significantly to the team’s cause. Iftikhar Ahmed, on the other hand, has piled up 132 runs in four ODI matches, impressing with two unbeaten innings and demonstrating his proficiency in finishing matches. Agha Salman has been a standout performer, mustering an impressive total of 337 runs in ten ODIs, boasting a superb average of 48.14 and featuring three valuable half-centuries.

Together, Babar Azam, Khushdil Shah, Iftikhar Ahmed, and Agha Salman form a formidable middle-order lineup for Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023, each contributing their unique skills and experiences to bolster the team’s chances of success in the tournament.

Mohammad Rizwan and Mohammad Haris [Wicketkeepers]

Asia Cup 2023

Mohammad Rizwan and Mohammad Haris are anticipated to be chosen as Pakistan’s wicketkeepers for the much-awaited Asia Cup 2023, taking into account their recent performances in various ODI series.

In the year 2023, Mohammad Rizwan has proven to be an invaluable asset with the bat, amassing an impressive tally of 544 runs in 16 ODIs, including five well-earned half-centuries. His consistent contributions have solidified his position as a trustworthy presence in the team.

Conversely, Mohammad Haris has had fewer opportunities to showcase his skills, featuring in only four ODIs this year, where he accumulated a modest total of 27 runs. While he may be considered as a secondary wicketkeeping option, his abilities make him a valuable addition to the team.

As Pakistan prepares for the highly-anticipated Asia Cup 2023, the combination of Mohammad Rizwan and Mohammad Haris behind the stumps provides them with a reliable and skilled wicketkeeping duo.

Mohammad Wasim Jr, Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz [All-Rounders]

Pakistan has the option to include Mohammad Wasim Jr, Shadab Khan, and Mohammad Nawaz as three all-rounders in their squad for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023. Wasim is expected to contribute as a medium-paced all-rounder, while Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz can fulfill the role of spin all-rounders.

Mohammad Nawaz, a skilled left-arm spinner, has impressed with his performances, taking a notable 17 wickets in 12 ODI matches during the year 2023. Shadab Khan has also contributed effectively with his spin bowling, accounting for 11 dismissals in eight games. Meanwhile, Mohammad Wasim Jr has showcased his versatility as a medium-pacer, claiming an impressive tally of 24 wickets in 14 matches this year.

By including these three talented all-rounders, Pakistan aims to bolster their squad for the Asia Cup 2023, as each player brings a unique set of skills and provides valuable contributions with both bat and ball.

Usama Mir [Spinner]

Usama Mir presents another spin bowling option for Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023 squad, alongside Mohammad Nawaz and Shadab Khan. Demonstrating notable prowess in ODIs this year, the right-arm spinner has showcased impressive form by securing 10 wickets in six matches.

Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf and Naseem Shah [Pacers]

Pakistan has the option to include Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf, and Naseem Shah as their frontline fast bowlers in the Asia Cup 2023 squad, given their outstanding performances in the limited-overs format in recent times.

In the year 2023, Haris Rauf has emerged as Pakistan’s top wicket-taker in ODIs, impressively snaring 25 scalps in 14 matches, boasting an average of 27.88. Naseem Shah has also showcased his exceptional skills, making a significant impact with 23 wickets in just 8 ODIs at an impressive average of 15.04. Similarly, Shaheen Afridi, despite participating in only 8 ODIs this year, has made his presence felt by claiming 17 wickets at an average of 21.82.

The inclusion of Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf, and Naseem Shah in Pakistan’s Asia Cup 2023 squad bolsters their fast-bowling arsenal. With their ability to consistently take wickets and deliver impactful performances, these talented pacers will play a crucial role in Pakistan’s campaign for success in the tournament.

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